Hot Line Helps Local Elementary School

If you passed by the local elementary school near Hot Line Freight System’s corporate office, you would have seen a Hot Line trailer next to the school for over a month.  Hot Line donated the use of the trailer so the Elementary school could store furniture while their new school was being built.  This wasn’t the first donation!

Hot Line also donated over $3,000 for new playground equipment.  The playground equipment was assembled at the Elementary school by volunteers.  “Seeing the joy in the kid’s eyes while playing on the equipment was the most rewarding party of this donation,” says Paul Burgmeier, VP of Operations at Hot Line.

Hot Line has a long history of donating to local causes.  From hauling furniture of inmates getting out of prison to annual donations to the community warehouse that feeds the poor, Hot Line is there.  The longest-running donation is 20 years of supporting Run to the Edge which raises money for scholarships.