Community Warehouse

Hot Line Freight has been a Community Warehouse partner for over a decade.  “We donate annually and support the Community Warehouse’s Partners in Hope Program Event,” says Rob Burgmeier, President of Hot Line Freight.

Community Warehouse hires and trains background challenged individuals as well as provides products from siding to shingles; tile and stone, wood flooring to carpet; bedding, drapery to lights and fans as well as custom kitchen cabinets, faucets to small appliances plus other items in-between.

World Magazine named Community Warehouse as 2014 Midwest Regional runner-up for the Hope Award for Effective Compassion.

Community Warehouse:

  • Transform lives
  • Provide Employment for Background Challenged people
  • Job Skills Training
  • Demonstrate authentic relationships
  • Model biblical principles
  • Offer high-quality home improvement products to families in Milwaukee