Great Tips For Shipping Less Than Truckload

Those wishing to take full advantage of all that shipping “less than truckload” has to offer may like to consider a few important tips as outlined here. For example, when getting a quote for a less than truckload shipment it is always recommended to initiate the quote by providing an accurate and correct shipment size. While standard pallet dimensions are common, there are cases where some pallets and even some types of freight may be considered as oversized. Talk with your shipper to know for sure where you stand in this regard.

Shipment is Matched With the Right Trailer

Whether palletized or not, it is absolutely essential to list the most accurate content sizes possible as a way to make certain that your shipment is matched with the right trailer. It is also a good idea to know in advance any accessorial needs as they relate to your shipment. This is particularly important because accessorial charges can actually add a substantial amount to a typical shipper’s BOL. That said there are cases where accessorial items are absolutely essential and are needed to ensure a successful delivery.

Palletizing Freight Offers a Number Of Benefits

Also bear in mind that packaging freight on pallets is typically the best way to move a shipment as less than truckload. Palletizing freight offers a number of benefits to the shipper as well as the carrier. When freight is properly pelletized the end result is a reduced chance of damage to items individually or as a whole. When freight is properly secured on high-quality pallets, it also helps to ensure that multi-piece type shipments do not become disorganized or separated in any way. Always make certain that pallets are in top condition and that they are strong enough to handle even the heaviest load. Finally, one simple yet very important recommendation is to always correctly and completely fill out the BOL.

Agreed-Upon Terms

This is an absolutely essential document that should be completed for every freight shipment. This includes less than truckload shipments as well as other types of freight deliveries. The BOL is important and is a contract that outlines all the agreed-upon terms of a given shipment. Everything from the right shipper contact information to the contents of the shipment as well as other critical information will typically be included. Consider these basic key tips whenever preparing for a shipment using less than truckload services. Contact Hot Line Freight Systems today to learn more about nationwide less-than-truckload shipments with a proven track record.