Staying safe on the road during winter months

While driving a truck safely is hard under normal circumstances, it is

even more important to be aware of your surroundings in the winter

months – especially during a snow storm. Use the winter time truck

driving safety tips below to help you and those driving on the road

around you stay safe.


  1. Check your wipers before each trip. They need to be working correctly if there is snow or rain.


  1. Always keep a spare blanket, water and a few snacks in your truck. If you get stuck or need to pull off of the road because of poor driving conditions, you’ll be happy you have them.


  1. Keep your eyes on the road. You need to be aware of everything that is going on around you. If someone swerves or crashes in front of your truck, you need more time to react than you would on a dry road.


  1. Put extra space between you and the cars around you. Again, this allows you to stop if something goes wrong.


  1. If you see that other trucks have swerved off the road or even pulled over to wait out the storm, it is probably best that you do the same.


  1. If there is ice on your truck, there is probably ice on the roads. If you can wait out the storm, you should.

      If not, remember to