Hundreds of Freight Companies

Hundreds of Freight Companies – Why Hot Line Freight Systems

by Connie Dyer – Account Manager for Hot Line Freight Systems

When I moved back to the Quad Cities after being away for 20 years, I was looking for a job…but found a career  – in the transportation industry.   It was not my chosen field, I was an insurance agent for many years prior to that, and trucking  was very unfamiliar to me –  but I thought I’d give it a try.    That was almost 13 years ago, and I have never  looked back.   Trucking is such an interesting industry, and the customers  are so diversified, that every day is a new adventure!  My daily visits can range from a meeting with corporate managers in pristine office buildings,  to meeting a customer for a quick lunch at a fast food restaurant ,  to following the shipping supervisor around the dock  while they are operating a fork lift – all in the same day!

Freight Companies - Hotline Freight - Customer Service

Connie & Hotline Terminal Manager Kyle Tigges

Working closely with our customers  not only builds trust , but relationships, too.  While we  naturally  get to know  their freight needs,  production issues,  or their vendors issues , we also  get  to know  them as individuals,  get to know  their personalities, and  share  family stories.  Putting a face to HotLine  – that is what it is all about.

There are hundreds of freight companies nationwide, and dozens of regional carriers locally, but Hot Line Freight Systems offers much more than most regional carriers with both LTL and volume/truckload, hot-shot and expedited  deliveries,  giving our customers expanded service opportunities.   We will always try to make the impossible, possible. .. and quite often succeed!   That appeals to me, as I am big on customer service!     Add to that a great bunch of employees who  give-and-take,  and have mutual respect for each other   –   and you have a winning combination for  a great company .  A company  I work for with pride.