Tips On Getting It Right When Loading A Shipping Container

Today more than ever before it is important to pay particular attention to the proper loading of a shipping container to ensure no additional expense and to make certain that the contents of the container do not become damaged. Perhaps the first step in getting it right when it comes to loading a shipping container is to simply (carefully and thoroughly) inspect the entire container prior to loading. Make sure there are no holes within the container prior to the driver departing.

Load These Items On The Floor

When loading an actual container it is best to begin with large and heavy items first. This includes anything from appliances to large pieces of furniture or mechanical equipment. Load these items on the floor directly against the front wall of the shipping container. As the loading progresses, continue to load heavier items on the floor near the forward section of the container. Always place lighter items on top of any of the heavier items that have already been loaded.

Make Certain That The Boxes Are In Good Condition

When packing, it is best to pack tightly so that there is no shifting or movement during the delivery phase. Always keep in mind that the proper loading of a shipping container will help to ensure that your shipment is in top condition when it arrives on the other end. When items within the container are individually boxed it is best to make certain that the boxes are in good condition and not damaged. For example, old reused boxes or cartons could result in damage to the contents within the box.

Settle For New Boxes When Loading A Shipping Container

The best option is to just settle for new boxes when loading a shipping container. As with any other type of packing project it is best to use ample amounts of packing material as a way to prevent damage or breakage. When loading palletized items always make sure that strapping or plastic wrapping has been applied in the right way. In most cases shipping containers will have braces on the floor of the container allowing for the securing of items. Make full use of these is a way to protect your shipment. Contact Hot Line Freight today for the best in Midwest less-than-full-load shipping options.