Tips For The Most Efficient Shipping Of Freight

Freight shipping is in many ways one of the most cost-effective ways of moving products and items large and small alike over short and long distances. This is especially true when it comes to oversized items that are bulky like heavy equipment or furniture. Here are a few simple tips on how to have a more successful freight shipment every time for your personal as well as business needs. For example, one way is to always provide your shipper with accurate dimensions.

Height Of The Package

This is important because it helps to streamline the entire process. Exacting dimensions will keep your shipment on schedule and on track. While it is okay to round dimensions off to the nearest digit it is essential to always include the length, width and the height of the package or item to be shipped. Less-than-full-load carriers must use measurements that are accurately reported in order to predetermine how many individual loads will be dedicated to a specific truck.

Combined With Other Shippers

Always remember that inaccurate or wrong measurements or dimensions can ultimately result in costly delays requiring adjustments. As with accurate dimensions, weight reporting is a key aspect of maintaining a shipment on schedule. Keep in mind that virtually all carriers today will use the weight provided by the customer to determine whether or not the weight of the shipment can be combined with other shippers. Accurate weight reporting also ensures that a shipment meets the allowable freight load for the truck that will be used for shipping.

Oversized Loads That Demand Additional Space

It is important to note that the DOT maintains strict regulations when it comes to how much weight can be placed on a particular truck and on any given road. Poor reporting of weight when making a shipment can result in delays and extra charges. Finally, oversized loads that demand additional space may be subject to added shipping charges. Work with your carrier to always calculate an accurate freight-shipping rate. Contact Hot Line Freight today for more information on timely less-than-full load shipments nationwide.