SmartWay Transportation Has Saved Over 120 Millions Barrels Of Oil!

The United States EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership is a market-driven partnership aimed at helping businesses move goods in the cleanest most efficient way possible.  Since 2004, SmartWay partners have eliminated 51.6 million metric tons of CO2resulting in savings of 120.7 million barrels of oil and $16.8 billion in fuel costs. Hot Line Freight is proud to be a registered SmartWay Transport partner!

About SmartWay

smartway_transport_partnerThe SmartWay Program is a public-private initiative between EPA, large and small trucking companies, rail carriers, logistics companies, commercial manufacturers, retailers, and other federal and state agencies. Its purpose is to improve fuel efficiency and the environmental performance (reduction of both greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution) of the goods movement supply chains. Launched in 2004, SmartWay is an EPA program that reduces transportation-related emissions by creating incentives to improve supply chain fuel efficiency.

SmartWay Video

SmartWay Program Components

SmartWay aims to accelerate the availability, adoption and market penetration of advanced fuel efficient technologies and operational practices in the freight supply chain, while helping companies save fuel, lower costs and reduce adverse environmental impacts. EPA helps SmartWay Partners move more goods, more miles with lower emissions and less energy.  The program is comprised of four components.

  • Transport Partnership: A partnership in which freight carriers and shippers commit to benchmark operations, track fuel consumption and improve performance annually.
  • Technology Program: A testing, verification, and designation program to help freight companies identify equipment, technologies and strategies that save fuel and lower emissions.
  • Vehicles: program that ranks light-duty cars and small trucks and identifies superior environmental performers with the SmartWay logo.
  • International Interests: Guidance and resources for countries seeking to develop freight sustainability programs modeled after SmartWay.

Fast Facts

Collectively achieved (cumulative, 2004 – now)*:

  • Over 3,000 partners
  • $16.8 billion dollars in fuel costs saved
  • Saved 120.7 million barrels of oil — the equivalent of taking over 10 million cars off the road for an entire year.
  • 51,800,000 million metric tons CO2 reductions
  • 738,000 tons NOx reductions
  • 37,000 tons PM reductions