Sharing the Road with School Buses

As summer comes to an end, it’s time again to prepare for school buses to be back on the road and students gathering on sidewalks and streets. It is vital to be cautious when sharing the road with school transportation vehicles and near any school zones and student drop off locations.


We all know the 1st rule of sharing the road with school buses. DO NOT PASS a stopped or slowing school bus. However, there are additional measures to be considered to ensure everyone’s safety. The list below highlights a few things to keep in mind during the school season.


  • Use defensive driving techniques, as students may be running into and around the roadway and not aware of where you are traveling.
  • Watch for students gathering near bus stops or the side of the road.
  • Anticipate students will do something unexpected, and always leave enough room to maneuver out of the way.
  • Obey all traffic laws near schools, including maintaining proper speed through school zones and keeping a safe distance from school buses.
  • Increase attentiveness when in school zones. Children have impulsive behaviors and are not able to judge vehicle speeds.
  • Flashing yellow lights mean the buss is slowing, so be prepared for students entering or exiting buses.
  • As students are exiting the bus, watch for those crossing the street. Students will often assume you see them before you actually do.
  • When at a loading/unloading location near a school, ensure there are no students moving towards your line of travel before proceeding.
  • Just because it’s after school hours and the school zone lights are not flashing, does not mean there are not children around. Remain alert!

Remember, the safety of children is everyone’s responsibility.

Think and BE SAFE