Thank you for your interest in Hot-Line Freight.  Hot-Line Freight System Inc. is a privately owned growing Transportation Company based in Western Wisconsin with 18 terminals in 8 states.

Do you meet the following requirements?

  • Class A CDL
  • HAZMAT Endorsement
  • 1-year continuous current driving record
  • Verifiable Previous 3-years Driving Employment History
  • Clean MVR
  • DOT Qualifications

Owner Operators at Hot-Line Freight are given the opportunity to drop freight at one of the terminals and go home for the weekend. There is no forced dispatch.  Our current operations are transporting general commodities, including occasional hazardous material.

In addition to employee Line-haul, Local Pickup and Delivery, and LTL/OTR positions, we also contract Owner/Operators for South, West, and The Eastern part of the 48 States.

We make your commitment to us as an Owner/Operator possible by assisting you with fleet rates and settlement deduct on:

  • Non-Trucking Auto Liability Coverage
  • Physical Damage Coverage
  • Bobtail Insurance
  • Occupational Accident Coverage
  • Deductible Buy Back Coverage
  • Vision & Dental
  • Short Term/Long Term Disability


  • 1.00 dollar per mile base: PC Miler, Practical Route
  • Fuel surcharge – currently at .3186 cents per mile (changing weekly depending on national average). This is based on an average of 5 miles to the gallon.
  • .10 cents per mile additional: East of Ohio and North of the Virginias (out-bound only).
  • .47 cents per mile plus fuel surcharge: Empty Miles other than terminals.

Fuel only: Empty miles from terminals.

Definition of Fuel Only: Total number of miles driven divided by 5 miles per gallon equals number of gallons reimbursed. Price per gallon will be based on the Midwest Regional Diesel fuel price for the current pay period.
Example: 546 miles ÷ 5 = 109.20
109.20 (number of gallons) X $2.148 (regional average) = $233.36 

  • Toll Expenses: Fully reimbursed by Hot-Line.
  • Scales: Fully reimbursed by Hot-Line.
  • Stop Pay: $25.00 per delivery or pickup excluding two deliveries and/or pickups. This will include pickup or delivery of freight at Hot-Line terminals excluding origin and final destination.
  • Layover: $50.00 per 24-hour period, after last appointment (at dispatcher’s discretion).
  • Detention/Unload/Loading Time: $25.00 per hour beginning after the 2nd hour from your appointment time (at dispatcher’s discretion).