Hot Line LTL Freight – Caring For Your Freight Since 1988

With 14 terminals, 200 employees, 100 late model tractors, and 200-53’ air ride logistic trailers, Hotline Freight is one of the premier LTL freight companies providing excellent service. Hotline Freight provides volume LTL freight direct shipments to all points in the contiguous United States. Hotline Freight LTL service provides 1-2 day service to most points in the mid-west including Denver Colorado. Hotline Freight stands out by exceeding our customer expectations by providing excellent LTL freight service, competitive pricing, and flexibility.

LTL Midwest Map

Excellent Service:  Outstanding track record as one of the premier LTL freight companies.  Our volume LTL freight direct shipments to all points in the contiguous United States equal no break bulks resulting in faster service and direct shipments mean no damage.

LTL Freight

Competitive Pricing & Flexibility:  Our brokerage service allows us to meet your pricing needs.  Our “Hot Shot” service, for your critical shipments, is a guaranteed service available 24/7 – faster than air freight and up to 50% the cost.


  • Discounts do not drop on larger shipments that take up more trailer space
  • Flexibility in delivery and pick-up schedules
  • Air ride trailers with logistics

Volume LTL Freight Service Nationwide

  • 5 feet of trailer space or 5,000 pounds
  • no break bulks
  • faster service
  • zero claim tolerance
  • cost savings
  • dedicated drivers
  • late model tractors
  • 53-foot air ride trailers
  • trailers w/ logistics capabilities
  • trailers w/ load bars & straps

Hot Shot Service – Guaranteed Service Available 24/7 Within the Contiguous United States

  • expedited service through the contiguous United States
  • available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day
  • team drivers
  • cheaper than air rates

Why waste time calling transportation companies and warehouses across the country when you want to get your freight moved?

Hot-Line Logistics, LLC is a logistics provider and freight management company, connected to thousands of transportation providers across the United States.  We take care of your freight and transportation needs efficiently. Whether you’re looking at an expedited freight move, TL or LTL move, or whether you need a flatbed, reefer, or van trailer, we do the leg work and follow through on every shipment.

Your company can benefit from a freight management program that offers:

  • Competitive freight rates
  • An extensive network of experienced and qualified drivers
  • Expert management of a huge carrier network
  • Accurate and consolidated billing
  • Customized Reports and Tracking information.

We pride ourselves in maintaining a Satisfactory DOT rating, providing excellent preventative maintenance and driver safety programs. Give us a call for any size shipment!  Let us show you why we have been caring for freight since 1988!